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【Zillow】California Dreamin': U.S. Home Values Are Highest Where the Weather Is Best

【Zillow】California Dreamin': U.S. Home Values Are Highest Where the Weather Is Best

  • California markets dominate both the list of places with most pleasant days per year and the list of priciest U.S. housing markets.
  • Additional affordable pleasant places are in the Southeast, if you don’t mind some hot summers.
  • Six of the 10 sweet spots for pleasant day weather and low home values are in the Southeast, led by Greensboro, N.C.

Coastal California cannot be beat when it comes to high home prices – and nice weather. The moderating effect of the Pacific Ocean on temperatures helps give the lucky residents of coastal California metros more pleasant days per year than any other part of the country. Sunnier SoCal especially takes the cake, with Ventura, Calif., logging just over 300 pleasant days a year, followed by San Diego and Santa Barbara.

Buying your own slice of paradise in sunny southern California is not cheap, though. The top five metro areas for pleasant weather have median home values around $600,000, more than double the national median of $229,000. Northern California — the most pleasant region after SoCal — costs even more, with median home values ranging around $1 million in the Bay Area metros of San Francisco, San Jose, and Santa Cruz. Hawaii also makes an appearance on the pleasant days list, with the Kahului metro area on Maui averaging about 241 of those days a year.

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